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What’s the tire size number mean?

The numbers on the tire's sidewall means indicators of the size, type, and performance of the tire.

Overall Diameter: the overall height of the tire in inches when inflated.

Overall Width: the width of the tire measured in inches from sidewall to sidewall when inflated.

Rim Diameter: the diameter of wheel or rim in inches.

How to choose tire size?

When picking the size please simply check the side wall of the tire you want to replace to find its size. You could find it easily if you have an owner’s manual or can find the specifications online.

What’s the express carrier?

We only provide shipping to the lower 48 states within the USA. We use FedEx or UPS as our carrier.

What’s the shipping time?

Once you taking an order, there will be a up to 2 business days processing time. For free shipping, it will need 4-10 business days according to your location.